The workshop was fab. really! I was so surprised considering we didnt work too hard on it. Yay!!!

I have been fighting all day, either with Justin or mom or dad. Dont ask me why coz I really dont know myself.

Justin got himself a new guitar. So last night, both of us practised on our respective instruments (I’m so proud of myself)

Other than that, I’ve been eating a lot of chocolates. Did I mention i lost Four Kilos after coming back from Saudi!!! Without Exercise or dieting!!!!

Sometimes I hate being a girl. Because according to most people we are meant to spend most of our life in the, cleaning etc etc. If thats what married life is all about I really dont want a part of it. I’m not signing up to be some man’s (and his mother’s) slave for the rest of my life. I’d prefer being on my own. I’ll buy a cat or a dog maybe.

Oh and I hate Idlis. And Dosas. I’m south Indian thats why.

Oh and somebody explain what Himesh and Visarjan have in common??!!!