my dad’s here.. and he got me chocolates!! yippee!!! but i havent eaten any.. um.. much that is.. maybe 5 or 6.. thats not a lot.. 🙂

I woke up today pretty upset because almost everyone was at the camp and i was at home because i had too much to study and too many projects to complete etc etc.. and somehow it felt like people were really insensitive. Oh well! so I had this long session with God and all i did was complain! I told Him just how I felt knowing that He was the only one who would understand. thats the best thing about God. I can tell him everything and not have to worry about Him telling anyone else or worry about Him getting offended. anyway, I prayed and then I opened the Word and I read about David dancing before ths Ark Of God and the very next chapter it Talks about God giving David rest from enemies. That was so encouraging!!! REST!!! thats what i need. when I get a chance, I want to leave the country (or maybe just the city) and go somewhere by myself.. alone.. no friends, no family.. no one. Just me and God. wow. that’d be so awesome!!

I told my dad that after my TY I want to go around Europe.. maybe taking only Justin along and sokme other girl friends who are willing to come. All he said was what about the money? thats a good sign right? I mean if i get the money then I can go right? I hope.  I’ve seen God’s faithfulness before.. Im sure Ill see it again. 

Shannon was at the camp with Pastor and so we didnt have practise today.. Man, I wish I could have gone.. anyway God still loves me and thats all that really matters!!

My workshop is on monday. The topic is assertiveness.. Thats really ironic coz I’m as unassertive as it gets.. ill probably learn something out of this. lol

I might meet Srija and Mansa tomorrow.. its been a long time since I’ve met them and i’m looking forward to spending some time with them.. laughing, joking, irritating mansa. lol. good times up ahead.

as mentioned earlier.. i’m so happy!!!!!