I feel really sorry for whoever has the task of waking me up in the morning.. When I was in school it was my mom and all i would do was curl up tighter and mumble something about 5 minutes longer and just go back to sleep. But she wouldnt give up because she had to make sure i did well in my hindi paper for my 10th boards.(i wouldnt have passed if it hadnt been for her.. thanks mommy.) For all her hard work at that time all i would do was get real mad at her and yell and curse and finally wake up. Would I stay awake after that? NO! I would sit with my book in my hand and snore. Once I remember being rudely woken up by a mug full of cold water on my face..
Now my mom’s given up. So its left to my alarm clock and Eben to wake me up. Eben faithfully wakes me up everyday at 5 or 4 depending on how many tests or projects I have. And usually, it takes everything i’ve got to keep from yelling at him. Its not that I’m mad at him. I just hate bein woken up. Eben refuses to give up. He’ll force me to get up and go wash my face and only then will he hang up. [ dont tell him this.. but I usually wash my face and get right back into bed and snore away til 6.]
So last night, I got back at 11:45 pm. I went to sleep around 1 am. Five am.. and my fone’s ringing. According to eben, I picked up the fone and didnt say anything for 5 mins. Eben on the other end was yelling at the top of his voice. He tries again. This time I did wake up and I can hear him say something about taking an andheri local at 6:15. I’m too sleepy to think about trains and stations and I said let me sleep a little longer and when I wake up I’ll decide then which train I want to take. He agreed to call me in a little while. I barely close my eyes and he calls again. [He said the last call was 20 mins ago but I dont believe him.] By now I’m really mad.. really really mad. So in the nicest way possible I said, I’m still not sure, let me sleep a little while longer. He said fine, 15 mins. And behold,15 mins later (or so he says) there I am with my fone in my hand, mumbling something about being too sleepy to come to college. By now I think he was tired too. so I went back to sleep and woke up just in time to stop my mom from making me coffee and breakfast (isn’t she the best!!) I slept til 9. thats 7 hours.. a new record this year!!

In other news, I baked a cake. I’m not sure if you guys will get it tomorrow coz that depends on how early i wake up. lol. I also managed to staple my finger and now it’s bleeding.