I was upset today. Why? Not too sure.
Maybe because I hold on to my past.
You make mistakes. You fall and then you get up and keep moving. Simple right?
Not really coz I think about the whole thing over and over again and then I get angry and really quiet coz I’m still thinking. I can laugh and fool around but I’m faking it (and I’m pretty good at it too). I’m really really mad.
I’ve learnt a lot from most of my mistakes but this one…. I dont know why i chose to learn the hard way. In the process I’ve hurt myself and others, lost a couple of friends etc etc.
I’m tired of it all.

I wish I could go back in time and erase a couple of years. or maybe I could start right from the beginning and this time be wiser and more careful.

I’m feeling a little better because I know I cant change anything now.
God’s forgiven me. I have to forgive myself.

Four letters. thats all it is. why is it so hard to digest?
It’s too difficult.
but its not impossible.

*excuse the way I write, this was more like a note to self than anything else.*