We had an amazing time of prayer today during practice. Shannon encouraged us a lot about prayer and getting really aggressive in our prayer lives. No longer a passive Christian.No more a dysfunctional human being. Get out there and shake the heavens and the earth!!!!

The Church has officially moved to the next level.  Exciting?? You bet! Cant wait to see what God has planned this time! A whole line of preachers for this year- Ram Babu, S.R Manohar, Shyju..

And next year- April 2007, LaMar Boschman is coming to Mumbai. He’s this really amazing worshipper. I was listening to one of his Cds where he talks of the lack of Wonder in our Worship. Wonder- Astonishment, mystery, the element of surprise, something strange..  We’re not awestruck by His Glory or by the depths of his Wisdom and Knowledge. We’re more concerned with what he can give us or how he can help us. The angels sing day in and day out about his Holiness. Everyday from the beginning of time and for the rest of Eternity.Thats how they worship him. 

Worship Him like that. Completely in awe of him. Let Him sweep you off your feet.

I am so charged right now. Why? Coz my God is so fabulous & amazing. He’s SUPER. He never stops surprising me. He’s brought a smile on my face every single day. I’ll have to create new adjectives to describe Him because words are simply not enough. A song seems stupid in comparison to him. What can I bring to One so holy, so awesome, The God of the Universe? What can I bring except my life…

God, I belong to you. Spirit, Soul and Body. No man deserves your place and NO man will ever have it. I’m yours- now and forever.

Crazily in Love with HIM

– Christine