So India celebrated its 59th year of independence yesterday and I celebrated by sleeping past 8 a.m !!!!!! its been so long since I’ve done that.. wow.. so refreshing..

The conference with Pastor Paul T. was fantastic.. I missed most of it but I cant complain.. God still spoke to me and I have a whole new purpose now.. I met Pastor Satyaraj from Pastor Paul’s team who’s supposed to be this really strict guy but somehow i felt so close to him. I felt like if I had the time I would have sat down and told him everything about my life.. all my ups and downs.. everything. I think its because he carries the presence of God… the father’s heart. He spoke to me about evangelising and I have such a burden now, a desire to love people inspite of who they are or what they’ve done. Love them like God loved me.

other than that. life’s good. lots of projects to complete. gotta get studying.
and so many birthdays coming up in the next month!