I went shopping with mum to soothe my nerves and she was such a sweetheart… She bought me waffles!!! I’ve never had them before and they’re good.. not lip-smacking superb but good. I feel fat now.. *groan*

So anyway, we went shopping for my nephew Noah who turns 1 tomorrow!!! he’s so adorable especially when he’s showing off his brand new teeth.. (I think he does that to me just so that I’ll smile and then he can see my braces and laugh..)
We got him little-people clothes.. yes I know.. typical.. and after that we were just looking around when my mom spotted a pot or pan or something and for some reason I noticed it too and then I noticed other things like microvaveable containers and tea-sets and table cloths and aprons and… I’m freaking myself out!!!! I’m turning into my mom!!!! Is my life going to be reduced to ‘oh, what did you cook today?’ or ‘ how much did you pay for that fish?’ SCARY!!!!!!

Got back home and had a really long talk with Eben. yes, I know we spend the whole day together.. but we dont get to talk to each other much. We spoke about a lot of things and I realised that I’m really gonna miss the kid. I mean, we’ve gotten so close in less than a year…He’s more than a little brother to me… my friend, support, punching bag(literally).. I’m really really gonna miss him.

I’ll miss all of you.. especially you paz.. *wink wink*.. lol

But seriously, I will. Remember this, all of you, You are all important to me in your own way. You’ve made me smile, laugh, cry, bang my head on the wall and I love you for everything you all are to me. here’s a BIG hug from me to all of you.
When I leave next year.. don’t cry at my farewell coz then I’ll cry too and my make-up will be ruined!
Over the years we’ll probably lose touch. you have your lives, I have mine and life might take us down different paths… but I promise to be a friend and I expect the same from you…
otherwise there will be some serious kundi-kicking!!!!!

love you guys! thanx for bein there!