I was watching the news (rare in my case) and it was awful..

There was this thing about doctors (or doctor, not too sure) who amputate limbs to make money. The victims are perfectly fine to begin with, their only flaw being poverty. They are promised insurance money for for letting the doc cut a limb off. The patient is injected with something that deadens the limb and then they simply cut it off!!! These poor people never get the money and they’re forced to get out onto the streets to beg…

the rest of India, well let’s see.. floods,balls of fire in the sky, riots, terrorism etc.

The world– more floods, earthquakes, terrorisms, wars and rumours of wars…

I dont know what your theories are but for me all this points to the end of the world as we know it and the Return of Christ.

Brace yourselves.. Things are gonna get worse.