Today was so much fun.

We had only three lectures.. in one of them all we did was take a bunch of crayons and draw a ‘tree of life’ with the roots representing our.. um.. roots, the trunks represent our support system that includes all of you guys ūüôā , the fruits represent our success.. (i found that i could only think of two, so i added that i won a 50 meter race once.. hey, that’s an achievement !!!), the buds represent our aspirations.. mine are- wanna learn to dance, be a real good child psychologist, get married (very very imp), adopt a kid.. etc etc.. I felt like I was in pre school again.. what a refreshing change¬†from Cognitive or abnormal psych.

We waited back in college to dicuss events that we’re organising as TY Psych students *feels all important*.. Life’s just so full of activities¬†all of a sudden..

and after that we went to the BEACH !!!

There we were in the rain on the beach having the time of our lives. Samarth would not let him himself get wet in the rain.. for fear of germs *rolls eyes*..The rest of us got rid of our bags, cell phones, ipods and set out to enjoy ourselves. (Samarth stayed back with his umber-lilla to guard our bags)  AND WE DID!!!!

we got wet..soakin wet… it was soooo cold.. brrrr…¬†there was sand everywhere, on our hands and feet, on our bags, in our mouths..well… in¬†mine anyway. And we played the ‘trust’ game…. lol….

And oscar and I found a new fun word.. ‘himner’. None of you get to know what it means.. you can try and gues but thats as far you’ll get.. We had amazing french toast courtesy Eben’s mom.. and we went home.. the weather was just so beautiful..*sigh*….got me thinkin… *sigh again*

Life’s simply beautiful..

enjoying every bit of it..

[aren’t you all glad I’m not complaining anymore]