I was really hoping that Mumbai would have a bandh tomorrow.
I was probably one of the very few people who was happy about the riots.
That does not mean i had anything to do with it.. *innocent face*

anyway, the reason behind not wanting to go.. lets see.. hmm

  • sleep at 2am because of the two submissions I have to give in tomorrow.. (what am i doin online then? None of your business!!)
  • wake up at 5 to leave for college
  • have nothing to wear (Its a valid point!)
  • carry a huge bag all the way to college
  • sit through lectures from 8 to 11 or 2. (depends on how much my professor hates me)
  • try to finish the rest of my submission in class
  • watch my juniors sit in the canteen with complaining of boredom
  • bring back heavy bag from college
  • study 2 chapters in Cognitive Psych for test next day in less than 12 hours

Now wouldn’t all of these problems be solved if they had a Mumbai wide BANDH!!

sheesh! people are so insensitive.

and Sheila if you’re reading this.. give me a call