I’ve spent more almost two hours searching for conflicting views on abortion for my psych project…
I’ve come to the following personal conclusions:
I’m not going to impose my views on anyone. That won’t help the issue.
But if I ever have to make a choice regarding abortion, I will choose to bring my child into this world because I believe everyone has the right to second chances. So whatever the situation, with God’s help, I will have my baby, and I’ll love him/her as much as I possibly can.
that’s far ahead in the future……….

Getting back to the present,
I hate complaining but sometimes I have to.
For Example,: I have TWO submissions due Monday, one of which was discussed today, the other one will be discussed tomorrow.
A Cognitive Psych test on Tuesday
and I have to be at Church tomorrow to practice for our BIG youth event later this month..
Groan and double groan.
Why does Deepak Sir like doing this to us???!!!!
My only hope is that it will rain again like last time.. Yes I know I’m being selfish but I can’t help it. Excuse me this once.
I miss being able to bunk a lecture when I’m too sleepy or too sick to attend.
I miss sitting at home with nothing to do…. sipping on hot coffee and reading a nice book, watching the raindrops fall..
and I know things are going to get worse from now on…..
Once TY is over, then it will be M.A, maybe a PhD.
That means more submissions, more researches, more experiments…
somewhere in the middle of all that, I’ll have to get married.
NO, I’m not hinting at anything!!!!!
then it will be husband, mother-in-law and kids..

There also hangs the plan of God over my life..
Its so amazing how God gives you a dream and then it becomes your dream..
Everything is about achieving that dream. Every breath. Every prayer.
that’s the only reason why I’m studying or trying to rather..

So I can’t pessimistic for too long.. God Just turns things around.
I have no clue how I’m going to manage this year but He hasn’t let me down before and he’s not going to do it now.

and I’m finally getting used to braces.
Still does not mean I’m posing for pics.