it started with Deepak sir announcing that he would take lectures no matter how hard it poured.
So off I went, paying no attention to my mother.. because 90% attendance seemed very important just then.
College went on as usual. Deepak Sir had a really good talk with us on what happened in College on Friday. more info most of which i cannot reveal here…

By this time (11:30 a.m) I had gotten quite a few threatening calls from my mom and 1 international call from my dad. Rumours flying everywhere about the trains not working, places being flooded really bad etc etc..
We left. Got to station. Found empty trains, working fine.. except there were a noisy bunch of juveniles from Xavier’s. Got off at Andheri. Eben offered to take me home. (Isn’t he a sweetheart..) and we walked again even though the rain wasn’t as bad as it was on Saturday.. and I’m home. safe and sound. The media really gets on my nerves now-a-days. Most of their facts are wrong. They’re usually only interested in juicy controversies. Pretty pathetic.
oh well. Life’s like that I guess..