So saturday, Eben and I go to college to see if there is anything we can do.
College was shut but we met a student from the hostel who gave us a lot of inside info bout whatshisname bein involoved etc etc.
We decided to go back home and at andheri, lo and behold, I realised that Marc wasnt there and i would have to go to the bus stop all by myself. It was raining heavily..
So Eben, the good brother that he is, offered to help me catch a ric.
We got out of station and the place has already started to get flooded.
No rics willing to take me home. Buses full and overflowing.
We do the only thing we can.
We walk. Through that water. Trying not to think of what was in it. *gags*

It brought back so many memeories.. of last year’s floods and how I was stuck in a bus for about 9 hours and then how Sam and I walked to malad in the middle of the night!!
And we started talking about everything that had happened since that time.

Eben and I became really good friends. We both didnt like each other very much before that.
I thought he was annoying and he thought I was a snob. so we stayed out of each other’s way.

now. he’s my best friend and one of my favorite little brothers

I met Oscar, Paras, Joel and the rest.

Oscar and Ishrat happened. Paras n Vel. Joel and *ahem*………………..
Marc and Shalini, Marc and Esther..( I’m a little afraid of getting off at andheri now) lol..

Vandana and Kavish..
Sam and Jen
Samarth.. lol.. personal attack.

Live wire!
Hazel’s wedding.


TYBA!!!!!!!! that was quite a shocker..

Braces! still getting used to that.

and lots more.. that I cant remember now..

And pretty soon we got home. I loved it. The rain, the trees, the water, the conversation..
Wow. I had loads of fun.
And Eben can be quite a gentleman when he wants to..

Thanks Eb
I’m so glad I met you.
You’ve been such a blessing to me.. in so many ways.
*sends hug*

And the rest of you. Each of you are special to me in your own way.
I’ve made friends for life.
That means I get to be the official phtographer at each of your honeymoons. *big grin*
You need someone to take your pics at scenic loations.. waterfalls, hillstations, volcanoes…..
and it isnt always good to trust strangers with your cameras.. *innocent face*