so we’re in the canteen..
Jenny n Joel *ahem* come along and they’re like.. what happened in college? did you hear all the noise????
we just stare at them blank…. we were too busy irritating samarth to notice anything else
but supposedly some political party guys got into our college, picked up this professor, accused him, put a garland of slippers around his neck, blackened his face and took him out of college and got him arrested. All this while we were in College!!!!

We, the Wilsonians, marched to the police station, and demanded that they give us our prof back.. true Rang De style. except we were a lot more peaceful. :]
we almost expected a lathi charge…
They arrested some of the NSUI party guys and then after a long wait outside the Gamdevi police station, we went back to college.. shouting slogans all along the way..
It was so awesome how everyone united for one cause.. Wilsonian Spirit
most of us are on TV.. yay.. we’re famous..
Joel gave an interview in Hindi…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..
that was so funny.. but I couldn’t laugh then keeping wiht the mood of the moment… but now hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

I hope they release our professor soon or else…
He is innocent and the charges they have brought against him are false.

And if they don’t clear his name soon, we will do something about it.

and the rest of you who went back home to sleep.. Shame on you