its happened.
my braces.
they’re in my mouth.
and they hurt like crazy.
people can be so cruel
AFTER i put metal in my mouth, they decide to come and tell me that my dentist is trying to make money out of me.
WHY?????? WHY do you things like this?
as if I wasn’t going thru enough pain already.

and its worse when people tell me I look cute.

in other news
College has officially begun.
my lectures start at 7:30 a.m
and they go on til 2 p.m
i havent seen enough of the canteen.
Its only been four days and i’m already so tired.
I have to hand in 30 pages of my intro to my practicals by saturday…
How do people write??!!!!!
it took me almost a week to write a 10 page book review.
hats off to the rest of you witers
how about helping me out a bit??

last night I met my cousin and her husband
I hadn’t seen her in more than 10 yrs.
she’s been in Singapore for the last 5 yrs
wow. it was so great meeting them
had loads of fun

I love my cousins.
Most of them are older than me.
I remember going to each of their homes in Kerala when i was alittle girl and they would tell me stories and play with me and comb my hair and..
those days were the best
now most of them are married, kids, their own lives..
i miss them all.

i want to meet all of them atleast once before I get married.

i have to get geared up for my around the world trip.
i’ve promised so many people ill come visit them
Singapore- cousin
B’lore- Varsha
Florida- my cousins there
Vancouver- Ishan’s sister, Ira
B’vali- the gangue team crew
Jharkand- Vandana
London- Julie n Robin, more cousins.
I think thats about it…

now help me convince my parents about how important it is to keep promises