Yesterday was such a horrible day for me.
It started out fine and then it just got really bad n then it was fine again.. oh well

I met Esther n Daf n samarth after so long..

Joel, Eben and Me went to Crossword n found some really funny books. And we also found out that the place is really pricy when it comes to food.. 90 bucks for a slice of Apple crumble!!
No, thankyou.
I decided that I want a Barbie for my B’day because I never had one as a child….
I’ll be twenty this year. TWENTY! I dont feel TWENTY (blech!) I feel 18. I dont want to be TWENTY! Thats so old. Yes I’m the sort that doesnt age gracefully.

I sat down and watched half a game of football last night.
USA v/s Czech Rep.
I’m actually beginning to enjoy the game.
I started out rooting for Czech Rep but I felt really sorry for the US.. not a single goal.

College finally reopens tomorrow.
my prof has me stressed out even before term begins. I have a quiz on thursday which I’m not prepared for at all.
i hope my team members dont kill me..

Justin is naming his kids Prince and Princy. I have no idea why. Carrying on the mallu tradition, i guess.

not finished my book review ….. yet.
almost done.

I think I won’t give the book to anyone yet.
Sublimnal message- I’m really not going to give the book to anyone
the real sublimnal message- I’ll give the book to Eben coz he asked me first and because he is going to buy me a Barbie.. He doesnt know that yet.. i need more sublimnal [sp?] messages.

and stop making fun of sheila. She is smart. she just pretends not to be.