I finished my book. Finally!!
A pretty good read. I feel really bad that she had to die that way. She was so talented. Really funny!!!
As Rory Bremner said “Hers was a life that ran out before the jokes did.”

Now I have to get to work on writing a review which will be very challenging because I have never written one. It wasn’t required in Science! So I never bothered.
There’s a first time for everything, I guess..

Apart from that, My dad’s coming home tonight. I know I met Him like a month back but I really missed him. I’m learning to value the time I spend with him. You never know when …I dont even want to say it.. He’s so great, I know he has these strange rules but he lets me get away with so much. lol
Plus there will be chocolates!!!!
Which I have to eat because I cant eat any later (acc to Joel)

Am meeting Sheila n paz n osc n bintu n jaju in an hour or so…. this is going to be a long day……

My comp still aint working. Do you think if I called someone to take a look at it things might change…hmm.. thats something to think about.

College in 3 days…wheeeeeee
why isnt it raining???? did the rest of you Anti-rain people do something???

looking forward to Dad n chockies n shawarma.. mmmmm…