I’m so tired of the Internet. I mean there’s only so much that you can do.

I open my inbox everyday hoping that someone would send me mail. All I get are forwards and in the past one week not even that. The only thing I do get is comments to articles.
It’s sad, it really is.
I dislike Forwards becoz after a while you’ve seen or read them all.
I especially hate the ones that say if you send this to 15 people then tonight the man of your dreams will call you up at 2: 20 A.M and tell you that he loves you.
Do you seriously think that what I want??!! To be woken up in the middle of the night and listen to sweet nothings whispered in my ears when I probably won’t remember any of it in the morning!!
And then they have the nerve to say that if you dont send it, then you will have bad luck n maybe the ‘guy’ will fall in love with someone else!!
guess what!

I hate chatting with strangers.. tried it out for a while. Got a bunch of weirdos calling me up and asking me to meet them someplace.. Yes. I was stupid enough to give them my number.. (I was young and naive)
Chatting with friends…. I run out of topics. what do you talk about?? Unless ofcourse you are in another country (eg. shirley in kuwait.. I really miss her)

I miss the times when people would send mail.. actual mail.

Hey! how are you? I’m doin fine. got into a fight with some people at college and broke my nose and a couple of bones but otherwise i’m fine.. tell your mom I miss her cakes..Ill call you sometime. bye.

Now that I like. Even if its just one line.
I haven’t deleted a single one of these kind of mails. Not one.
I go back to them and I read it and I smile or laugh or cry (depending on the content)

I think the whole point of emails are for people to stay in touch and sending forwards is not called ‘staying in touch’.

There. I’ve expressed myself and there’s nothing you can do about it