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Wait, he says. Wait…

How long..? I ask.

Don’t you trust me?


Then wait.

So I wait knowing that He makes all things beautiful in His time..



this is so cute

so we’re in the canteen..
Jenny n Joel *ahem* come along and they’re like.. what happened in college? did you hear all the noise????
we just stare at them blank…. we were too busy irritating samarth to notice anything else
but supposedly some political party guys got into our college, picked up this professor, accused him, put a garland of slippers around his neck, blackened his face and took him out of college and got him arrested. All this while we were in College!!!!

We, the Wilsonians, marched to the police station, and demanded that they give us our prof back.. true Rang De style. except we were a lot more peaceful. :]
we almost expected a lathi charge…
They arrested some of the NSUI party guys and then after a long wait outside the Gamdevi police station, we went back to college.. shouting slogans all along the way..
It was so awesome how everyone united for one cause.. Wilsonian Spirit
most of us are on TV.. yay.. we’re famous..
Joel gave an interview in Hindi…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..
that was so funny.. but I couldn’t laugh then keeping wiht the mood of the moment… but now hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

I hope they release our professor soon or else…
He is innocent and the charges they have brought against him are false.

And if they don’t clear his name soon, we will do something about it.

and the rest of you who went back home to sleep.. Shame on you

koi hai?

i have to know
is there anyone else other than oscar,paras, joel, bintu, eben, sheila, justin etc. who read this..
coz then this seems pointless
i meet all of you everyday.. except sheila
i might as well say what i want to write

so if there is anybody else who reads this.

i have to have a good reason for spending so much time on this.

two weeks
its been only two weeks
why does it feel like two months.
I have done so much in these past two weeks…
practicals, discussions, intros, projects,tutorials,statistics,lectures…

i have dark circles around my eyes for lack of sleep
But the glare from my mouth makes up for it..

I have a test tomorrow… and the funny part is
I’m not prepared for it.. hahahaha

But in all, Life’s great..
i love psychology
i love the rain
i love chocolates but Joel and the rest won’t let me have any
instead they will eat it right in fromt of me
Cruel little beasts.. mumble grumble.
you all need braces.. the curse of the braces be upon you all..muahahahahaha

its happened.
my braces.
they’re in my mouth.
and they hurt like crazy.
people can be so cruel
AFTER i put metal in my mouth, they decide to come and tell me that my dentist is trying to make money out of me.
WHY?????? WHY do you things like this?
as if I wasn’t going thru enough pain already.

and its worse when people tell me I look cute.

in other news
College has officially begun.
my lectures start at 7:30 a.m
and they go on til 2 p.m
i havent seen enough of the canteen.
Its only been four days and i’m already so tired.
I have to hand in 30 pages of my intro to my practicals by saturday…
How do people write??!!!!!
it took me almost a week to write a 10 page book review.
hats off to the rest of you witers
how about helping me out a bit??

last night I met my cousin and her husband
I hadn’t seen her in more than 10 yrs.
she’s been in Singapore for the last 5 yrs
wow. it was so great meeting them
had loads of fun

I love my cousins.
Most of them are older than me.
I remember going to each of their homes in Kerala when i was alittle girl and they would tell me stories and play with me and comb my hair and..
those days were the best
now most of them are married, kids, their own lives..
i miss them all.

i want to meet all of them atleast once before I get married.

i have to get geared up for my around the world trip.
i’ve promised so many people ill come visit them
Singapore- cousin
B’lore- Varsha
Florida- my cousins there
Vancouver- Ishan’s sister, Ira
B’vali- the gangue team crew
Jharkand- Vandana
London- Julie n Robin, more cousins.
I think thats about it…

now help me convince my parents about how important it is to keep promises

:) :(

Yesterday was such a horrible day for me.
It started out fine and then it just got really bad n then it was fine again.. oh well

I met Esther n Daf n samarth after so long..

Joel, Eben and Me went to Crossword n found some really funny books. And we also found out that the place is really pricy when it comes to food.. 90 bucks for a slice of Apple crumble!!
No, thankyou.
I decided that I want a Barbie for my B’day because I never had one as a child….
I’ll be twenty this year. TWENTY! I dont feel TWENTY (blech!) I feel 18. I dont want to be TWENTY! Thats so old. Yes I’m the sort that doesnt age gracefully.

I sat down and watched half a game of football last night.
USA v/s Czech Rep.
I’m actually beginning to enjoy the game.
I started out rooting for Czech Rep but I felt really sorry for the US.. not a single goal.

College finally reopens tomorrow.
my prof has me stressed out even before term begins. I have a quiz on thursday which I’m not prepared for at all.
i hope my team members dont kill me..

Justin is naming his kids Prince and Princy. I have no idea why. Carrying on the mallu tradition, i guess.

not finished my book review ….. yet.
almost done.

I think I won’t give the book to anyone yet.
Sublimnal message- I’m really not going to give the book to anyone
the real sublimnal message- I’ll give the book to Eben coz he asked me first and because he is going to buy me a Barbie.. He doesnt know that yet.. i need more sublimnal [sp?] messages.

and stop making fun of sheila. She is smart. she just pretends not to be.

my new mexican name is Celestina Apasionado. I like it. I really do.

My report is getting along. My neighbour Sajna is helping me with it and I dont even have to pay her for it!!!

College reopens on the 14th with a quiz on the 15th courtesy Deepak Matthew. Oh well.


I finished my book. Finally!!
A pretty good read. I feel really bad that she had to die that way. She was so talented. Really funny!!!
As Rory Bremner said “Hers was a life that ran out before the jokes did.”

Now I have to get to work on writing a review which will be very challenging because I have never written one. It wasn’t required in Science! So I never bothered.
There’s a first time for everything, I guess..

Apart from that, My dad’s coming home tonight. I know I met Him like a month back but I really missed him. I’m learning to value the time I spend with him. You never know when …I dont even want to say it.. He’s so great, I know he has these strange rules but he lets me get away with so much. lol
Plus there will be chocolates!!!!
Which I have to eat because I cant eat any later (acc to Joel)

Am meeting Sheila n paz n osc n bintu n jaju in an hour or so…. this is going to be a long day……

My comp still aint working. Do you think if I called someone to take a look at it things might change…hmm.. thats something to think about.

College in 3 days…wheeeeeee
why isnt it raining???? did the rest of you Anti-rain people do something???

looking forward to Dad n chockies n shawarma.. mmmmm…

The results are out.
some have done well, some haven’t
Life goes on.
A few years down the line these marks are not going to matter.

I’ve realised that I’m always afraid of what people think of me. there’s this constant nagging fear in me of people, what they’ll say, what they’ll think….
I hate being like that.
I want to be free.. free to do what I want.. without always having to be socially proper.

Less than a week for college.

My comp’s still not working….