The Invisible Girl

Debbie Barham is smart, witty and the youngest comedy writer for BBC. She left home at the age of 15 to pursue her greatest dream- writing comedy. And she was really good at it too. She startedout by writing for radio and then moved on to TV. She had it all- Fame, Money, a great Career.
But there was something wrong..
She was Anorexic.
She was so caught up with her work that she had no time to eat or she didnt want to make the time to eat.
She died at the age of 26.
This is the story of her father’s quest to uncover the truth.
Before I read this, I remember thinking that it might be nice to be anorexic.. I mean, you’d lose weight so much faster.. without having to exercise!! But reading this book (or atleast half of it) has changed my views on that.
My life is important, if not to me, atleast to those that love me.