This is a tribute to my brother- Justin.

To begin with, I never liked him much when we were little.. you know the whole, ‘my parents like him more coz he’s younger.’ And I made sure he knew that. I tried to get him into trouble with my dad. I’ve cheated him out of his favorite books. I’ve even forced him to give me his icecream.*evil grin*. I’ve beaten him up dozens of times (can’t do that anymore.. He’s too strong now).

But today, I’m so grateful for him. He’s been such a sweetheart. He’s kept all my secrets. He’s stood up for me so often. Everytime I’d go out at night, He would call up just to make sure I was fine and to find out when I was coming back. He’s smart, funny and very sensitive. We have so much fun together, ganging up on Mom, bugging her jus so that she’ll yell.. lol. I think she enjoys it.. I like driving when he’s next to me coz he makes me feel so relaxed. 😛

In short, Justin you’re the best brother I could have asked for. I know I may not have been the sister you wanted me to be… but then again.. I’m human. 😀

i love you kid.

your sis,

um.. for those of you who are wondering.. we still fight.. lol