I got my third tooth extracted today making a total of four in all. (I lost one a year back.)
but I dont feel too bad coz the guy who came to preach at church yesterday had braces!!!
so im not alone.. makes me feel much better.
and Eben was kind enough to tell me that his cousin Beni wore braces and once they came off she looked really pretty. I have to agree with him there. She is really pretty.

so there is hope.

I got more icecream.. yayyyyy!!

went for Da vinci code saturday night. and we discovered that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that when ^ and v meet (blade and chalice) that means Gaston has grandchildren.
who’s up for a spoof on the movie??!!

still havent finished reading my book for the book review. Justin’s read more of it than I have..

falling in love with Jesus…. been having these awesome times of worship.. He’s there, everywhere I go….

thats it for tonight.