Yesterday, I finally met Paz, Oscar and Eben at Sam’s place. And I gave Paz his long overdue gift. They’re still the same- goofy, funny, wild and Oscar’s gotten a little chubbier… Paz looked a little pink. I wonder why….hmmm *evil grin*.

I was online til about 2:30 a.m playing litterati and word racer with sheila.. Don’t ask…. And sheila comes up with the strangest words. I mean what is ‘ohs’ and ‘ziti’ and ‘pfft’. those are not words. if you ask me, I think she bribed yahoo games to let her make up her own words and win. some people…. tsk tsk. what is the world coming to??!!

n those of you who are going to keep bugging me about amit. two words- Comment Moderation.
I mean, this happens to be the world wide web.WORLD WIDE. let those words snk in. I have no idea how many people read this.. what if one of his cronies happens to read it. I will never be able to set foot in Wilson or B’vali ever again. Oh the shame of it all! For all you know Faustin might tell him!!! or worse Michelle!!!!

I have a bright future ahead of me (braces or no braces) and I don’t want to destroy that.. lol.

apart from that, I want to say that I still love you all very much.. inspite of how much you annoy me…