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Moms! They’re loving, funny, protective, strange. A daughter’s best friend?? Well, almost.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Here’s an example..

So you tell your Mom some of your deepest darkest secrets, stuff you only tell your best friend (so that she won’t feel like you’re shutting her out of your life).
All you expect is a little discretion. not too much to ask for.. Just be discreet.. Especially in front of Dad.
But NO! Sadist that she is, She will ask you tons of questions related to the topic, in front of Dad, leaving him curious. To top it all she says “Why are you blushing so much? Was it something I said? Why the big smile?”
Poor Dad is left wondering why Mom has an evil grin on her face,why Son is studying the ceiling intently while Daughter dearest has turned a deep red and is trying to melt into the floor.

Moms! Can’t do without them and sometimes don’t know what to do with them!!



It is easier, I sometimes think, to die for Jesus than to live for him. You die once and its over.
But living for Christ is a Daily Death, every minute of every day.
Hard. Sometimes impossible.

I stand only by His grace.